Skrill VIP Program

Accepted at the majority of books

Fast and Safe transactions

Prepaid Skrill Mastercard

Slow support for normal clients

High currency exchange fees

High deposit fees

Your SKRILL Benefits with us

Regular SKRILL Customer:

  • Big selection of merchants.
  • Skrill prepaid MasterCard*.
  • 'Skrill Knect', the new Skrill Loyalty Program.
  • Slow support for normal clients.

Special Benefits – only with us:

  • Easier & faster VIP status upgrades with higher limits.
  • Fully verified within 1 business day. No Deposit needed.
  • For Bronze you only need 3,000 EUR within 30 days to get upgraded, 5,000 EUR for Silver VIP and only 15,000 EUR for Gold VIP.
  • 1.45% (min 0.50 EUR) P2P fee Silver VIP or higher: FREE**
  • Additional monthly 0.3% Cashback Bonus, the HIGHEST SKRILL Cashback Program on the net.
  • Additional & faster support by us.


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* Skrill prepaid MasterCard is available only for SEPA Countries. Early 2020, Skrill VISA PrePaid Card was Launched for US customers.
** Clients who reach the deposit volume for Silver VIP or higher will have free money transfers.

SKRILL Review - Intro

Skrill is one of the oldest e-Wallet operators on the market. It is founded back in 2001 and it is definitely one of the most recognized names on the e-Wallet market. They were founded under the name “Moneybookers”, took over Paysafecard in February 2013 and were re-branded as "SKRILL' in March 2013.

SKRILL now belongs to the Paysafe Group PLC. It is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK and is allowed to issue electronic money and payment instruments.

SKRILL is widely accepted at most poker sites, sportsbooks, casino operators and forex providers. In June 2018, Skrill introduced a crypto service that allows customers to buy cryptocurrencies using their balance. It is safe to say that there is no way around to move your money around fast, safe and easy between different merchants.

Three steps to register your SKRILL account

1. Make sure to use our signup link.
2. Enter your personal details like name, residential address, email address, password on the registration form.
3. Follow the verification process to remove all restrictions and enjoy all our benefits.

SKRILL account Verification

The verification process requires several steps, depending on your country of residence. Our clients enjoy a special and fast verification procedure, which makes it even easier to get started with their SKRILL account.  Once the required documents are submitted, the verification will be approved within the next business day.

You can upload your verification documents directly to your account. To fully verify your account you need to upload:

1. The front and the backside of your National ID card or passport.
2. A selfie of your face made through a webcam or your mobile app.
3. A recent utility bill (gas, electricity or any other household bill) or a bank statement, showing your full name and address, not older than 90 days.

Please make sure to send clear and legible copies of your documents to ensure a fast verification for your account.

Your SKRILL Benefits with us

  • Faster Upgrade to bronze and silver VIP status (only 3,000 EUR for Bronze, 5,000 EUR for Silver & 15,000 EUR for Gold).
  • FAST track Skrill account verification within 1 business day.
  • FREE SKRILL prepaid MasterCard*
  • Additional monthly 0.3% Cashback Bonus, the HIGHEST SKRILL Cashback Program on the net.
  • Personalized Support from Gurusoccer.
 Join SKRILL for free

 Existing SKRILL account holders

We can also try to add existing accounts to our program. If you have already registered your SKRILL account at an earlier time, you just need to fill out your account information (e-mail and account ID) in our contact form and click submit to apply for all our benefits. Please mention 'SKRILL & Gurusoccer Bonus Program' in the message box.

SKRILL Fees and Limits 

SKRILL already offers a great product by itself, but in combination with our program, you can bring your accounts to the next level and enjoy even more benefits.

Enjoy lower VIP upgrades requirements for SKRILL to get free P2P transfers and a FREE SKRILL prepaid MasterCard*, easier verification process, easier VIP Status, higher limits, and lower fees. Please find below the summary of all your benefits and make sure to sign-up your account with us.

The following table shows you more details about all our benefits compared to regular SKRILL clients.

  Regular SKRILL Clients Gurusoccer VIP Clients
P2P Transfer Fee 1.45%, min 0.50 EUR, if you have funded your wallet via Card or Bank Account. Silver VIP or higher: FREE.
Transfer to/from Skrill Merchant FREE FREE
Currency conversion (FX Fee) 3.99% Bronze VIP: 3.79%. Silver VIP: 2.89%. Gold VIP: 2.59%. Diamond VIP: 1.99%.
Bank withdrawal fees 5.50 EUR Silver VIP or higher: FREE
Cashback 1% Cashback up to 100 EUR for new Skrill VIP customers
Personalized e-mail Support - 365 days a year

SKRILL Prepaid MasterCard* Fees and Limits

SKRILL also offers the SKRILL Prepaid MasterCard* for their customers. The following table gives you a full overview of the fees and limits of the plastic MasterCard for our clients, compared with regular SKRILL clients.

   Regular SKRILL Clients Gurusoccer VIP Clients
Card issue and activation 10 EUR FREE
ATM Cash withdrawal Fee: 1.75% Silver VIP or higher: FREE
Using Net+ MasterCard for regular payments FREE FREE
PIN reminder FREE FREE
Exchange Fees (FX) 3.99% Bronze Pro VIP (Gurusoccer Clients): 3.79%. Silver VIP: 3.19% Gold VIP: 2.79% Platinum VIP: 2.39% Diamond VIP: 1.29%
Card renewal 10 EUR FREE
Annual Fee 10 EUR FREE
Max daily (ATM) 900 EUR Bronze VIP: 1200 EUR. Silver VIP: 1500 EUR. Gold VIP: 3000 EUR. Diamond VIP: 5000 EUR.
Max daily (POS) 2.000 EUR Bronze VIP: 3000 EUR. Silver VIP: 3000 EUR. Gold VIP: 5000 EUR. Diamond VIP: 10000 EUR.

* SKRILL prepaid MasterCard is available only for SEPA Countries. Early 2020, Skrill VISA PrePaid Card was also Launched for US customers. Besides the fact that some clients are not able to receive SKRILL prepaid MasterCard, all other SKRILL services are available.