World Cup 2022


The FIFA World Cup 2022 predictions contest is free for every member of Gurusoccer, using the same account as the one that uses in our monthly prediction contests. Only the picks from FIFA World Cup 2022 tournament will count for the final ranking of this contest. 

The contest starts on Nov 20th, 2022, and lasts until Dec 18th, 2022, including the FIFA World Cup 2022 final game. 

Το be eligible for the prizes*, a member has to:

- Register only one account. Double accounting is forbidden and Gurusoccer administrators have the jurisdiction to delete such accounts and disqualify forever any member who breaches this rule. In such a case, no winnings are given.

- Place a minimum of 20 picks with a total stake of more than 100 units.

- Accumulate >0 units at the end of the selected period.

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* website emphasizes that the use of its contests is only offered to adults and strictly forbids the use of its services to individuals under the age of 18 (minors). The exact age may differ, depending on the particular location of residence for each individual. Registration is absolutely free and is required only for new Gurusoccer members. Terms and Conditions of Gurusoccer's contests apply. 

World Cup
Start date
19/11/2022 19:01
End Date
18/12/2022 18:59
Min Tips
Min Stakes
  1. 1: 150€
  2. 2: 50€
  3. 3: 25€
  4. 4: 25€
  5. 5: 25€
  6. 6: 25€